Model E41

It isn’t true to say “They don’t make them like they used to”!  In fact, we put together our Vapalux Pressure Lamps in exactly the same way as they always have been.

E41 was introduced in 1940s.

We are proud to reintroduce Model E41 lamp.

Whole stainless version coming soon

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Model 300

We don’t make any apologies for using the engineering and lamp-making experience Willis and Bates gathered over hundred years – simply because it results in a well-designed, rugged pressure lamp, ideal for those who appreciated good quality.

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The Vapalux M320 Kerosene Lamp is a rugged

little number, just like those used by the 

British Army in the field.

These lamps have been used in a British military 

context for over sixty years and are still going

strong as a proven piece of military equipment,

giving out both heat and light.

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Light, warmth and looks !

Now this is a good-looking lamp,

even if we do say so ourselves!

You too can recreate that fabulous

fifties homely heartside mood with

the Vapalux M1B pressure lamp.

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R510 Radiator

If you’re used to the outdoor life, you’ll welcome the fact that Vapalux pressure lamps and heater will buen brightly on maximum power for at least approx. 10 hours on a full tank of kerosene – and considerable more at a lower pressure setting: not to mention the substantial heat given off. 

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Special Editions

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In Our


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Machining Parts

Machining burner body by multi-axis CNC machine

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