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Early Years of the company

The founder was Alfred Bates, the father of the present chairman and managing director, who had learnt the craft of metal spinning in Birmingham, where he established a business chiefly for the production of lamp tops for street lanterns.....

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Willis & Bates
[ Model 300 ]
The new VAPALUX Stainless Editions!
Model E41S, 300S and R510S Radiator,
We developed whole things from the beginning!.

Willis & Bates
[ M1B ]
Light, warmth and looks ! Now this is a good-looking lamp, even if we do say so ourselves!
You too can recreate that fabulous fifties homely hearthside mood with the Vapalux M1B pressure lamp.

Willis & Bates
[ M320 ]
The Vapalux M320 Kerosene Lamp is a rugged little number, just like those used by the British Army in the field.
These lamps have been used in a British military context for over sixty years and are still going strong
as a proven piece of military equipment, giving out both heat and light.

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